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Why Do You Need Couples Psychotherapy? Hermosa Beach

Couples psychotherapy is a type of therapy that helps married couples and those who have been in long-term relationships improve their relationships. Some reasons why you may need couples psychotherapy include:

  • It helps you examine the characters you and your partner play in the relationship.
  • It can help you and your partner talk about your values, religious sentiments, and beliefs.
  • It helps improve transparency and open dialogue around income.
  • It helps couples to discuss activities that they love doing together.
  • It can help you and your partner work out problems arising from disagreement with other family members.

Procedure for Couples Psychotherapy

Our experienced specialists will handle the couples psychotherapy session. Our team will start by creating a sense of safety by becoming familiar with you and your partner. Our specialists will help you and your partner single out feelings and put them into words to one another. 

Also, we will explore your past since it can help better understand your motivations, behaviors, and fears in a relationship. Our experts will work with you and your partner to correct negative behavior patterns. We can also teach you and your partner problem-solving, conflict resolution skills, and even anger management.

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If you feel you and your partner’s relationship would benefit from couples therapy, then both of you need to make an appointment with us at our practice. Our experienced team will be happy to meet with you and discuss your options.