marital therapy

What is Marital Therapy? Hermosa Beach CA

Marital therapy is a psychotherapeutic treatment for married couples going through problems related to their marriage. Real marriage therapy happens when married couples are seen by a therapist both individually and jointly. The goal is always to resolve marital conflicts and help the couples enjoy their marriages better. 

Who Conducts Marital Therapy? 

Real marital therapy is conducted by a therapist. A therapist is not just anyone who calls himself or herself a marriage counselor. A therapist must have received the appropriate training to deal with the requirements of the career. A therapist must also be licensed to practice in a particular state. 

The need to work with a suitably qualified marriage therapist cannot be emphasized. To a large extent, the success of the therapy will depend on the knowledge and expertise of the therapist you are working with. Dr. Lucy Papillon is a well-trained and licensed therapist who can help bring the highest level of sweetness to your marriage. 

What Is Involved In Marital Therapy? 

Depending on who you are working with, your marital therapy experience will follow a certain part. To achieve the best result, Dr. Lucy Papillon begins with the coupe evaluation process to gather all the information to understand the challenges and strengths of a given relationship. She will then plan various interventions that will accomplish the therapeutic goal of the entire process. 

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