What is Depression? Hermosa Beach CA

Depression is categorized as a mood disease. It might be defined as feelings of loss, sadness, or even anger that interfere with a person’s daily activities. Treating your mood disorders with our depression therapy can:

  • Help to extend your sleeping time
  • Help improve your overall health
  • Help you to socialize more than you used to 

Procedure For Treating Depression 

Depression is a mood disorder that entails a loss of interest and a persistent feeling of sadness. Note that this is different from the regular mood fluctuations associated with someone’s lifestyle. Depression symptoms usually last for at least two weeks. 

Signs and Symptoms

If you notice any of these symptoms, ensure that you get across to an experienced therapist to guide you. 

• Feelings of guilt and worthlessness
• Loss of energy or fatigue
• Sleeping too little or too much
• Changes in appetite
• A loss of sexual desire
• Reduced interest in activities once enjoyed
• A depressed mood
• Unintentional weight gain or loss
• Difficulty making decisions, concentrating or thinking
• Attempt at suicide or recurrent thoughts of suicide or death

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