Loss/Grieving Therapist

Therapist for Loss, Grieving in Hermosa Beach CA

Most individuals will go through loss at some point in their lives. Losing a loved one can be an emotional experience. However, you are not alone. At our practice, we offer one of the most effective procedures for treating loss and grief. Our experienced team will help you feel better and guide you through your recovery journey one step at a time. 

Who Is a Grief Therapist?

A Grief Therapist is a talk therapist who focuses on helping people cope with the emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and cognitive reactions to loss. The qualified grief therapists at our practice can 

  • Help you accept loss
  • Help you find comfort in good memories
  • Help you understand that the feeling you are experiencing is normal
  • Help you to focus on specific areas of your life where coping is hard

Procedure for Grief Therapy

Many people experiencing grief need to talk with a mental health professional. At our practice, our specialists provide healing and consoles the person grieving. During the talk therapy, our specialists help the patients look into the nuances of their grieving process. We encourage patients to discuss conflicting feelings like: I wish I could have been more helpful and did all I could to help. 

Patients are also asked to share positive memories. Our specialists teach the patient coping skills and ways to honor the loss even while in the future in life. Our dedicated team understands that patients suffering grief need a sense of companionship. So our specialists act as friends for grieving patients. This process involves our specialist fervently, supportively, and actively listening to the patient’s concerns and authenticating the grieving patient’s emotional response as normal. 

Furthermore, our specialists help grieving patients arrange and organize day-to-day tasks and create new routines. In situations where our specialists might not meet the patient in person, they have adapted using video chats and teleconferencing.

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