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Relation Couple Therapy in Hermosa Beach

Miscommunication and loss of trust in relationships can result in misunderstandings. To avoid build-up of tension between couples and improve their existing relationship, getting couples therapy may be the ideal option. Dr. Lucy Papillon, Ph.D provides experienced relation couple therapy to help improve communication and understanding between couples and spouses. She can help you find happiness and improve communication in your relationship.

Types of Couple Therapy

Although experts design therapy to fit individual needs, there is a consensus of a generalized approach to couples counseling. These generalized approaches include:

Emotional Focused Therapy: This therapy is built around the idea that couples should build and maintain a healthy emotional attachment to each other. 

Gottman Method: Gottman method is more focused on strengthening interpersonal growth and intimacy between couples. This method also helps couples develop a deep understanding of communication that helps them convey their grievances to each other with empathy.

Imago Relationship Therapy: This therapy works with the premise that all conflicts arise from preexisting grudges. It seeks to find the underlying cause of discontent. Imago relationship therapy is aimed at helping couples communicate positively.

Dr. Lucy Papillon, Ph.D specializes in providing relation couple therapy. Our practice believes in integrating spirituality and philosophy into our psychotherapy. Our experts can help you and your partner navigate through the difficult phase of your relationship. We will discuss the issues you’re facing in your relationship and counsel you on how to get through. With this, you can find love with your partner once again. 

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