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One way to live a happy life is to maintain healthy mental health as well as physical health. Taking proper care of your mental health can help prevent potential mental and emotional issues. Dr. Lucy Papillon, PhD specializes in providing psychotherapy. Our aim is to help individuals avoid mental health challenges using talk therapy. 

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way to aid people with varieties of mental illnesses and emotional troubles. Psychotherapy is not just for those that are severely troubled emotionally or mentally. It is a measure that can prevent future mental illness to a greater degree.

Does Psychotherapy Work?

It is human nature to question the authenticity of everything, and it takes professionals to prove the efficacy of treatments and therapy. At Dr. Lucy Papillon, we have proven results of psychotherapy. Several testimonies and studies have revealed that people who receive psychotherapy live happier and healthier than before the therapy. Psychotherapy has been proven to improve behaviors and emotions that enhance living and mental wellbeing.

What Does Psychotherapy Treat?

Since people have little knowledge about psychotherapy, people often think they don’t need psychotherapy to live a healthy life. Meanwhile, looking at how challenging life is, psychotherapy is important for everybody because it cures anxiety disorders, mood disorders, addictions, eating disorders, personality disorders, sleep disorders, and schizophrenia. 

Apart from mental issues, psychotherapy can also be used for conflict resolution, stress relief, coping with major life changes, recovering from sexual abuse, coping with sexual problems, recovering from violence, and physical assault. 

Therapy Session at Dr. Lucy Papillon

Psychotherapy can be conducted for children, adults, individuals, couples, families, groups of people, or in a setting. Psychotherapy can be short-term for immediate problems or long-term for complex problems. 

Furthermore, we respect people’s personal life, and we are careful with confidentiality. We access and evaluate medical records and history, diagnose properly, and proffer the right solutions to the detected problems.

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