Welcome To The Center of Light

The Center of Light captures the essence of two diverse concepts, spirituality and psychology. It puts into practice the revolutionary idea that combining these two is the path to complete wholeness. This blending of spirituality and psychology focuses on both recovering from pain AND on reclaiming the awareness of being a Child of God, thus already whole, perfect and complete, just as one is.

The founder and director of the Center of Light is Rev.Lucy Papillon, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist and ordained interfaith minister. She was formerly on the medical school faculty of the University of California at Irvine.

Many may think that the Center of Light is a "place" but it is what Dr. Papillon sees every being is. Everyone is Light at the center of their being. Reclaiming this critical piece in one's self is happens as one goes through what Dr. Papillon does in her work - integrating spirituality and psychology.

Dr. Papillon defines spirituality as the courage to look within and to trust. What is seen and what is trusted is a deep sense of belonging, of wholeness, of connectedness and of openness to the Infinite. She became much more aware of how spirituality was crucial in recovering and reclaiming several years ago, when a tragic set of circumstances forced her to completely rebuild her personal and professional life. However, she indeed knows that "to lose one's life is to find it," albeit on a different, more substantive level. In fact, she has produced and hosted a television show for over 11 years which came out of her insights from that "death to birth" experience. The show was called Breaking Through. As Jean Houston put it, "The sacred wound is the critical act through which the mortal achieves Divinity." Currently, Rev. Dr. Papillon hosts an internet radio show by the same name and continues to talk about the seeming obstacles that one believes stand in the way of one reaching their highest possibilities.

Rev. Dr. Papillon pulls from a variety of sources for her broad understanding of how psychology and spirituality work together. In the spiritual arena, for example, she has studied every major religion in depth: Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism... as well as the Course in Miracles, since 1985; she has been in workshops and lectures with such diverse pioneers as Huston Smith, Joan Borysenko, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Matthew Fox, Jean Houston, Lynn Andrews, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Gerald Jampolski, Marion Woodman and numerous others; she has been in conferences given by Common Boundary, Transpersonal Psychology, Creativity and Madness (where she was a featured speaker), and many others, and has been to many Centers across the country where she was a participant and speaker. She has also taken concepts from her rich traditional background in Protestantism.

Thus, Rev. Dr. Papillon has been able to draw from a vast array of spiritual teachings and philosophies and add them to her outstanding training as a psychologist to conceive and develop a one-of-a-kind approach for individuals, couples, families, organizations and corporations.

Dr. Papillon is an internationally known speaker and media psychologist. She has recently been published in a book, Women and Power, authored 2 of her own books, and had articles in numerous journals and newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, New York Times and many magazines that include Mademoiselle, Self, Spirit (Southwest Airline's in-flight magazine) and various others.

Rev. Dr. Papillon is currently in the midst of writing a landmark book that addresses the interaction and integration of psychology and spirituality.